Who are we?

We are a hair salon, designed to sell you self worth and feel good vibes! And great hair is just the icing on the cake.. Our salon was founded in 2019 by Lorraine Hume, after many years of being an award winning freelance stylist Lorraine decided to build her vision and just like that LHH was born.

Despite our captivating plush interior we are environmentally aware, we believe we have found the perfect balance between Luxury haircare and sustainability.. we pride ourselves on being a green salon and actively reducing our carbon footprint within our business. Our sustainable salon ethos is important to us and everything that we carry out is at the heart of the values we hold within our brand.

Passionate about you hair

But that’s only the beginning… we are a team of highly skilled, educated, fun and passionate hairstylists who are pushing the boundaries and are always striving to be the best version of themselves.. for you! Education is one of the main core values within our salon, we realise how diverse the hair industry is and we know we have to adapt quickly to trends and colouring techniques to stay ontop of our game, we dedicate so much time and energy into investing in our careers to keep ourselves motivated and keep you inspired.

Aside from all of that..We are not just any hair salon.. we believe are a community! A local girl gang with integrity, experience and quality that you can trust. We are a team that claps when you are winning and a listening ear when you need it most.
We are just like that old faithful pair of jeans that make you feel good, we are the supporters in all that you do and believe that every person should have the hair of their dreams.. This is just the beginning of loving yourself.
Welcome home